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Germ Genie Package

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Germ Genie Travel Package

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Our Germ Genie Travel Package includes a Germ Genie Travel Pack

Add a little extra protection to your vacation when you book our Germ Genie Travel Package.

Included in this package is one Germ Genie Travel Pack with a compact, reusable pouch filled with products that provide all the essentials for staying germ free on the go.

This TSA compliant travel pack is the perfect companion to keep you healthy when staying at a hotel, pumping your gas, or traveling on airplanes, cruises, trains, cars, or anywhere else you may go.

Each 5”x7”x1.5" Germ Genie Premium Pack includes:

Package of 15 Airplane Tray Table Covers.
2 medical face masks.
Package of 10 disinfecting surface wipes.
2 latex-free gloves.
1.8oz antibacterial hand sanitizer.
Airplane seat headrest cover.
Additional Travel packs are available for sale for an additional charge

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