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LGBT Travel at Newport Beachside Hotel
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LGBT Travel Made Easy at Newport Beachside Hotel & Resort

While you’re traveling, you want to know you’ll get treated well no matter where you stay or who you are.

A TAG approved hotel can promise that you will receive respect and consideration when you are a guest, making LGBT travel much easier and stress-free.

What is an LGBT Friendly Hotel?

In order to be considered LGBT friendly, as well as receive approval from the Travel Advocacy Group (TAG), a hotel must meet and uphold at least six different standards, or welcoming qualifications.

They include the following:

Pride at Newport Beachside Resort

Enforcing these standards and encouraging guests and staff to monitor them creates a welcoming environment for any customer and is this is a practice demonstrated at the Newport Beachside Hotel & Resort.

As a TAG approved property, Newport Beachside Resort has made a concerted effort to promote and welcome diversity in all of their business practices and will enforce non-discriminatory policies concerning sexual orientation.

The Newport Beachside Resort is proud of their recent approval from TAG and hopes you will choose to stay here during your next business trip or vacation, knowing that you’ll be treated with the respect that you deserve as an appreciated guest.